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ICCI is the only international, non-profit, independent certifying body for the career services industry. It ensures that the expertise and experience of those who provide career services to the buying public meet appropriate standards, as evaluated and verified by recognized leaders of the profession.

Global Councils are selected by acclamation of the Board of Governors and include recognized leaders in business, government and academia, as well as career services, who share insights and information, discuss issues and provide input related to the global marketplace to enhance the work of the Institute.

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Dave Cordle, CMP
 Banstead, Surrey United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7941 690 391

Dave has worked as a Career Development Professional since 2001 following earlier careers is cartography and computer systems development. He served for 6 years on The Board of Governors for ICCI (2013 – 2019) and became President Elect of The CDI in January 2019, beginning a 2 year post as President in December 2019. The CDI is the UK’s professional body for Career Development Professionals.
Dave’s mission and passion is to get the skills and confidence to define and create success into the hands of as many people as possible. As part of this mission he is working on ways to increase understanding amongst businesses, individuals, and the education system of the huge benefits of employing properly qualified or accredited Career Professionals.
His day-to-day work is as a career coach with adults across a wide range of professions and industries and at all levels, and also with young people to give them the skills to manage their career in today’s world of work.  

Ismael Ajzenszlos, BBA
 Buenos Aries, Cap. Fed. Argentina
+5411 4702 5636


John Fitzgerald, CMF
 Dublin Ireland

+353 (0)1 894 2616                                                     john@harmonics.ie


Hans Fiedler                                                     Brucknerstrasse 4/3                                                             A-1040 Wien Austria
+43 (0)1 236 6538

Nicolette Wykeman
Brighton, England
+01384 445625


Dr. Brian Schwartz, CMF
Suzhou, China                         

Dr Brian Schwartz: 42 years of exceptional professional practice in enabling individuals and organizations to grow and change is the experience of Dr Brian. This experience, along with his understanding of the nature of happiness and the power of intrinsic motivation has seen him to develop a self-discovery process which enables individuals and organizations increase their effectiveness, enable resilience and make better use of the opportunities created within a rapidly changing world. Happy people are more successful and more productive. Dr Brian is a global thinker and practitioner. He resides in China and serves on the Board of Governors of the Institute of Career Certification International.


Kathryn Taylor, CMF                                                                 Australia                                     kathryn@turningpointconsulting.com.au  

Kathryn presents with a background in secondary education and is currently Non-executive Director and lead for Education with Wellbeing Australia, expert in Education and Wellbeing for ACPi and Director of Turning Point Consulting, a Centre of Excellence: Leadership, Change & Wellbeing. Kathryn has received recognition or her work in educational leadership with a focus on transition for staff and students. These awards include an Honorary Fellowship from the Teachers Guild of NSW and a Career Management Fellowship from ICCI in respect for her global work. Over the past 20 years, Kathryn has worked in HR, leadership and coaching within education and corporate settings and currently works with K-12 in DEC, SCS and AIS school leadership, staff and students, embedding positive professional development encompassing personal evaluation, planning and transition, enabling individuals in developing resilience, empowerment, motivation and engagement.                                        



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