ICCI's Certification Process

1. Complete the on-line application.     
2. Determine your certification level.
3. Provide a current copy of your résumé/CV and documentation of academic degree or equivalency.
4. Identify the competencies you can demonstrate, meeting the requirements for your Level of Certification.
  • Competencies must be validated by accomplishments within the past five years to assure your experience and professional development are up to date.
5. Select from nine Validation Methods to document competencies and calculate Professional Development Credits for your experience.
6. Insert all information required into the Application document, following specific directions for each Validation Method.

7. Commit to the Code of Ethical Practices with your signature.
9. Allow 4-6 weeks for your Application to be reviewed by the Application Review Division.
  • If you are applying for CMF Certification, a Fellow Interview will be conducted. When the Application Review Division is satisfied that the Application meets the Institute’s portfolio-based criteria, it will recommend acceptance to the Board of Governors, who will then vote. If a majority is in favor, you will be notified of your certification and a certificate issued.
10. Certificate mailed from ICCI offices once you have been certified. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for the certificate to be sent to you.

ICCI World Headquarters


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