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July 2009  

Greetings From the Board


By Kathy H. Blanton, CMF--- Chair, Board of Governors


It is truly an honor for me to serve as the Chair of the Board of Governors for ICC International for the next two years.   I assume this role from the very capable hands of Jean Erickson Walker who has led the Institute with poise, inspiration and dedicated vision.  Jean has promoted the purpose and vision of ICC International in a way that few leaders can for a volunteer-led organization.  Her energy and insightfulness have paved the way for a very exciting future for the Institute and I know you join me in thanking Jean for her enormous contribution to the Institute. 

Each year, the Board meets for an annual planning and strategy session.  For the past three years we have met in Amsterdam, Netherlands, London, the United Kingdom and Seville, Spain respectively.  On April 23-25, we met in Washington, DC where 9 Governors from 4 countries spent two and a half days finalizing our strategic plan for 2009-2010.  Look for more to come on some exciting initiatives ahead for ICC International.

The twelve Governors on your Board are here to serve you and the best interest of the Institute.  And with you, we form a collective body of professionals who are the "keepers of the standards" (Experience, Competence, Integrity) for the career services industry.  We welcome your input, energy and enthusiasm as we continue to protect our noble work and those whom we serve.  We also welcome your participation by serving on tasks forces, committees or Board leadership.  Please contact me or any Board member to find out how you can become involved by emailing info@careercertification.org.   I look forward to working with the Board and you! <back to top>


In This Issue


New Website!

Don't forget to check out our new website! www.careercertification.org


Take a test drive and tell us what you think at info@careercertificaiton.corg


Certification, A Requirement Not An Option

By Gale Gibbons, CMF, Senior Writer


Some of you reading this may have already gained certification as career management professionals, and you may be thinking right now - I don't need to read this article - I already know the benefits of certification, she's "preaching to the choir"!.  But - don't go - please read on.  Keeping your certification up-to-date is more essential than ever!  And if you do not yet have ICC certification, you are missing a critical way of demonstrating your professionalism and competence.

As consumers, we all look for recommendations and evidence of qualifications and competencies when we are seeking a service professional - we want our electrician to be licensed, we want our teachers to be certified, our health care professionals to have passed their appropriate boards.  We want our accountant to know all the current regulations, our IT professionals to be up to date on their knowledge - and we can easily see they have the relevant certifications, we are reassured. Our clients, whether individual or corporate, are no different. 

Today, many clients find themselves unexpectedly in the job search facing transitions and life changes to an upsetting degree.  The challenge becomes how to choose between the many professionals out there who offer coaching services?  The same way they make other choices -   they want to know that the professional they consult with has the skills and competencies to provide an effective service.    Not surprisingly, they will have more confidence in a career professional who abides by a clearly stated code of ethics, whose integrity, knowledge and skills have been thoroughly assessed and evaluated by an external source.  ICC certification is a powerful way for you to assure your clients of your professionalism, skills and knowledge. 

To learn more about certification, please visit our website at www.careeercertification.org
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To Sponsors and Potential Applicants

Important Request for Sponsors and Potential Applicants to ICC International...


ICC International is joining the green movement and asks that applications be submitted in electronic form. In addition to supporting the environment, sending applications to our headquarters in Washington DC as an attachment allows us to expedite the review of applications. We are an international Review Board with Reviewers located in Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Singapore and the U.S.  Applications may be sent to another Continent to be reviewed and this is best done by email.

We appreciate your work as sponsors!  As you begin mentoring an applicant for certification, thanks for guiding your colleague to complete the application entirely within the website's Application Form. It is most manageable to the Institute to have the application in a single Word document. Formatting in .doc, .rtf or .PDF is our preference. If it is necessary to have a few attachments, this is not a problem. Scanning of degrees, documents or other hard copy materials can easily be done at any office or photocopy center.

As a sponsor, you confirm that the Application is complete, meets certification criteria and is ready for review. You are truly the first step in minding the standards of our profession through certification. We encourage you to pay careful attention that all application components are included, especially the Applicant's letter, Sponsor's letter and the degree certificate.

We have noticed that once an applicant has submitted an application, they would like it to be processed, reviewed and confirmed quickly and the Institute agrees. Thank you for your help in making this occur.  We will continue to ensure that feedback to applicants on our decision is prompt. <back to top>


Check This Out!

BethaAnnWilson By Beth Ann Wilson, ICC Governor



Careers Conference 2010
January 25 - 27 in Madison, Wisconsin

The Center on Education and Work (CEW) hosts this national event, one of the
leading conferences of its kind, focusing on all aspects of career development and education for work. Educators, counselors and school-to-work professionals come together to explore the latest programs, strategies and best practices pertaining to career development from kindergarten through retirement. http://www.cew.wisc.edu/careersConf/default.aspx

Contribute to the Website or Newsletter

If you would like to post an upcoming event in the newsletter or on the ICC International website, send the information via email to: workworth@comcast.net
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Upcoming Survey

We want your feedback! Watch for a brief survey to be emailed to all certificants in the next few weeks.



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