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Septemb er 2009  

Greetings From the Board



By Kathy H. Blanton, CMF-Chair, Board of Governors


Now Is The Time To Be Certified

Did you read the recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times about the quality of career management services? Both the articles, released the same week (8/17/09), raised serious questions about the efficacy of career transition services in particular, and the industry as a whole. It is not surprising that the career transition industry would come under scrutiny during a down economy that has created an unprecedented uptick in revenues for most organizations and practitioners. We have weathered these accusations before. It does, however, clearly indicate that the buying public, be they organizations or individual consumers of services, have a heightened awareness of what they are getting for their money and are forming definite expectations about outcomes.

For those of us who have taken great care to advance our professional careers to a higher level through certification from ICC International, we are able to say to a wary buying public that we offer the highest standards, integrity and competence through proven expertise in the field that is globally recognized. This is a great day to be certified! I hope you are all seizing the enormous marketing opportunities you have at your disposal by educating your customers and clients about the credential you hold through ICC International and how critical it is that when choosing a provider of services, that they demand proof of competence, integrity and experience.

I am thrilled to let you know that several career management firms have begun aggressive marketing strategies that include all staff consultants and coaches to become ICC certified. These firms are seizing the opportunity now, while their marketplaces are watching, to inform, educate and exemplify the high standards they possess through ICC International credentials.

The next three issues of The Global Update will showcase three firms who are in process of certifying their consultants through the new ICC streamlined application process for career firms. In this issue, be sure to read the wonderful article from BPI Group. Their inspiring story is a testament to what can be accomplished in short order. Hearty congratulations, BPI Group!

Now is the time to be certified through ICC International. If you have the necessary requirements to upgrade to CMF, we strongly urge you to seek this highest level of certification. If you already hold the CMF designation, we welcome you to become involved in the campaign to educate firms and the marketplace about our organization.

We have many activities and volunteer opportunities for you. Please contact me or any Board member listed on our website at www.careercertification.org. Let’s make a difference in our world by upholding the highest of standards through our support of ICC International!

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In This Issue

Baby Boomers Not Retiring

Thank You Application Review Board! / 2009 Certificants


In the last three months, ICC International has grown significantly through an unprecedented number of first-time applications. This has resulted in an immense amount of work for our Application Review Division, lead by Don Smith, CMF (Canada) and Beth Ann Wilson, CMF (USA)


Hats off to our amazing group application reviewers located throughout the world who have gone above and beyond these last few months to process a large volume of applications quickly so that our new certificants could be rewarded promptly for their work: Susan Chritton, CMF , USA; Tony Crosby, CMF, Australia; Judith Dawson, CMF, Vancouver, BC; Nick Hawkins, CMF, UK; Paul Heng, CMF, Singapore; Don Huse, CMF, USA; Ian van Lidth de Jeude, CMF, Holland; Bob Maher, CMF USA; Al Owens, CMF, USA; Kathy Voska, CMF, USA; Irene Zimmerman, CMF, Canada.

New Certificant List

ICC International is pleased to welcome and offer congratulations to all our 2009 certificants. Please click here to view the list of new certificants.

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19 BPI Group Consultants Are Certified



BPI Logo

BPI Group CertificantsBPI group, a leading human resources and coaching firm with North American headquarters in Chicago, is furthering its commitment to the high-quality, high-touch services offered to individuals and organizations.

Nineteen BPI group consultants from all U.S. office locations recently were awarded their coaching certification from the Institute of Career Certification (ICC) International, the only global, non-profit and independent certifying body for career services professionals.

The consultants successfully completed the comprehensive certification process within a targeted timeframe. All felt the effort and time commitment were absolutely worth it. To quote one participant, “Nothing that’s worthwhile is easy and this certification experience is a good example; I really feel proud of the professional credentials.” Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the process, discovering their hidden credentials. The Firm provided a graduation ceremony for all the certified coaches. Family, co-workers and friends attended the commencement and participated in the celebration.

“At BPI group, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality, personalized and compassionate services to help our clients achieve career and personal success – and we also believe our people are our greatest asset,” said Juan Luis Goujon, President and CEO of BPI group, who is among those certified. “That’s why we’re pleased that 19 of our career coaches took this extra step to further demonstrate our integrity and commitment to excellence for our clients and profession. We see this as an initial step in certifying all our consultants in North America.”

BPI_Jaun Luis Goujon

About BPI group
BPI group is an innovative Global human resources management and coaching firm providing a range of services that drive organizational performance and support individual success. The company, which is among the top career management firms in the U.S. with 30 offices in North America, offers career consulting services including: leadership development, individualized career success strategies, executive coaching, executive advisory services, workforce transition, and career planning and orientation. BPI group is part of BPI, the leading European consulting group in management and human resources.  Founded in 1984, BPI focuses in providing consulting services for companies experiencing major changes, with specialties including corporate restructuring, business performance management and human capital development.  More than 2,000 consultants strong, BPI has 75 offices in 17 European, North African, North American and South American countries. For more information, visit: http://www.bpigroupus.com

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Check This Out


BethaAnnWilson By Beth Ann Wilson, CMF, Governor ICCI



Institute of Career Guidance Conference & Exhibition 2009

5-6 November in Blackpool, United Kingdom


Apprenticeships, diplomas, NEET young people, graduate recruitment, skills, adult advancement - career guidance has rarely been such a hot topic in so many contexts.  Join members of the Institute of Career Guidance for blue sky thinking, consider the issues and hear from three outstanding keynote speakers. There will be exciting and relevant workshops, wide-ranging symposia and a bigger exhibition. Prices for the ICG's 2009 conference and exhibition are significantly lower than for last year's conference.  www.icg-uk.org/blackpool.html


Transforming Careers – Unleashing Potential

19-21 November in Wellington, New Zealand


The International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance conference features 73 presenters from 12 countries who will share their perspectives and inspire debate on a range of stimulating topics. This international event will showcase the latest in career development practice and policy, and provide a fantastic opportunity for international delegates to share and learn. This conference has been designed for all those involved in careers, including Schools, University and Tertiary Institutions, Private Training Providers, Private Practitioners, HR and Recruitment, Central and Local Government, Employers, Unions, ITOs, Community Groups, Non Government Organisations and Industry Representatives. www.careers.govt.nz/conference2009



National Career Development Conference - CannexusTM 2010

January 25 – 27 in Ottawa, Ontario


CERIC, the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counseling presents a National, bi-lingual conference promoting the exchange of information and innovative approaches in the areas of career counseling and career development. Keynote speakers include Mark Savickas, Ph.D., Linda Duxbury and Denise Bissonnette.
Attend innovative and informative workshops, along with excellent networking opportunities. Meet career development professionals from across Canada and around the world. Visit www.cannexus.ca for more information.



Careers Conference 2010

January 25 - 27 in Madison, Wisconsin


The Center on Education and Work (CEW) hosts this national event, one of the
leading conferences of its kind, focusing on all aspects of career development and education for work. Educators, counselors and school-to-work professionals come together to explore the latest programs, strategies and best practices pertaining to career development from kindergarten through retirement. www.cew.wisc.edu/careersConf/default.aspx


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Baby Boomers Not Retiring-What's The Reality?

By Gale Gibbons, CMF, Senior Writer

We all know about the boomers because of the huge demographic impact they’ve had on the workplace and in the workforce. Before our recent economic difficulties, we were expecting the baby boomers to start retiring in large numbers and reinvent themselves yet again in their new role as retirees. That’s changed for many. We now expect many boomers not to leave the workforce just yet – some of them need to give their retirement accounts time to rebound and some may find their empty nests not so empty with adult children returning home.


Some of you readers may be baby boomers. Others of you – from Generation X or even the millennial generation – may work with baby boomers in your career management role. Whether you are living these issues, or coaching to these issues, or both - you need to know what employers are thinking about “boomer workers”.


The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ACP International focused on this topic this spring. A panel of 3 professionals weighed in on the topic. Our speakers included an attorney with expertise on workforce issues, a representative from one of AARP’s Best Employers for Workers over 50, and a consultant with a major search firm. The conclusion was sobering but not surprising: baby boomers must make themselves marketable in today’s very competitive environment where age discrimination still exists.


Here’s our panelists’ advice: draw on the skills, talents, passion and the ability for making relationships which have contributed to your past successes. But – and it’s a big but – it’s not enough to rely on your past accomplishments. Hiring managers, especially younger ones, are more interested in what you CAN do, rather than what you HAVE done. People who are not open to change, who joke about their “senior moments” are going to find the job search tough. Energetic, open minded, tech savvy people with vitality and flexibility are in demand. Even if you don’t blog or twitter yourself, you need to know what they are. Even if you were hoping you could slow down your exercise program, you can’t. You are competing with smart younger candidates –and your total presentation package – which includes your verbal, physical and online presentation - has to be persuasive that you can match what these younger candidates have to offer. Then, when you add your boomer abilities to build relationships, your understanding of organizations and your passion for work you believe in, you become a compelling candidate.


Those attending this session felt it was hugely beneficial to hear directly from employers. Our speakers were very realistic about the challenges older candidates face in the job search, yet were not discouraging. The session provided our members with valuable “take aways” for their clients and their own career planning. In addition to the learning from the program and the professional networking, our members were able to “count” the session for professional development credits for their ICC certification. Clearly a morning well spent!

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